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Return Policy

1. Product return conditions

  • Customers also keep purchase documents such as purchase invoices, delivery receipts, bank statements, etc. or prove that goods were purchased at Vibasic’s sales channels.
  • The product still has its original stamp, label, original packaging, unassembled/used, and free gift (if any).

The product is not on the list of restricted returns.

2. Product return policy


– Vibasic apply the method Free return within 7 days when the product has technical defects such as:

  • Customers receive products that do not match the order (wrong uses, wrong ingredients, …)
  • Product defects due to manufacturing or transportation, assembly such as:

+ Scratches, paints on the surface, exposed nails / screws.

+ Warping and warping of product details.

+ Chipped product corner edge.

+ Product deformation due to transportation, environment, preservation from suppliers, production process, etc.

+ Lack of details, accessories compared to product description.

  • And other cases were identified with errors coming from Vibasic’s side.

– In addition, Vibasic applies a return policy with a fee within 15 days for cases stemming from customers’ subjective reasons or Customers changing usage needs. In these cases, the Customer will have to bear a return fee as follows:

  • In case of exchange:

+ Shipping fee to change the goods (Including departure and return direction)

+ Exchange fee 10% of the value of goods on the invoice.

+ The returned product must be of equal or greater value than the returned product. Any difference on old invoices will not be refunded.

  • Return case:

+ Return shipping fee.

+ Return fee 30% of the value of goods on the invoice.

* Note:

+ The sending of replacement or refund products is only started after the evaluation of the products sent back by the customer has been completed.

+ Product quality evaluation process from 3 – 5 working days. The Technical Department will contact and agree with the customer on the decision to repair or return, agree on the delivery schedule & fee (if any) with the customer.